COFFRET d'Outils et Métiers en CHOCOLAT  

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YESTERDAY ….cake and pastry bakers …..

In our workshop overlooking the court yard we baked cream horns, profiteroles, butter-scented puff pastries and all kinds of biscuits … 

In Grandfather Giusto’s days (and he was “Just” in name and character!), being a pastry-cook was “a man’s job”, whether because of the long hours or because of the muscle power needed to “work” the rolling-pin – so the workshop was an exclusively male preserve. We have had apprentices who started their career here at the age of 14 and stayed until they retired…Those were the days!

TODAY..…transformed into a Chocolate Workshop…

A third generation of pastry-cooks….all women, and the family business did not feature in any of our dreams. We all studied different things, but we found ourselves learning this job….by osmosis. We absorbed it, inherited it like genetic traits from our parents…..

Of three sisters, two of us work together, and in recent years we have become more and more captivated by the “Food of the Gods”, to the extent that we have transformed our traditional bakery into a veritable“Chocolate Workshop”  

Taking part in numerous trade fairs both in Italy and abroad has broadened our horizons, and from the courtyard in Via Castellazzo, our products now reach every part of the world, from Europe to Russia.

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